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At Lower Carbon, we research and fund climate restoration projects lowering CO2 from the atmosphere.

We help businesses lower their carbon footprint by supporting these projects with a flexible monthly subscription.

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We provide everything you need to share your commitment to the planet with customers, employees and suppliers.

- A lower carbon profile showcasing your subscription and impact.

- Badges to add to your website, product labels and marketing.

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Our team of experts can help you calculate and remove the carbon emissions across your business operations.

- Calculate and remove the CO2 from a product or service.

- Audit and report your carbon emissions to a supplier or regulator.

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Some of the amazing projects we support to help lower CO2

“Our customers love that we care about our carbon emissions and are taking action to lower our footprint.”

James Harding
Business subscriber

Frequently asked questions.

Our atmosphere is suffering from record high concentrations of CO2 which is trapping heat and warming our planet.

We need to urgently lower our carbon emissions and reduce existing excess CO2.

We research and fund the world’s highest potential climate restoration projects which reduce excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

Your subscription will fund a number of different solutions including reforestation, direct air capture and enhanced weathering.

80% of your subscription goes directly to funding essential climate restoration projects. The remaining 20% covers our operational expenses and transaction fees.

You’ll receive a monthly email showing how your subscription is reducing CO2 with a link to the method, evidence and certificates.

We're focused on finding the highest quality, most transparent projects, so we can make sure each member has the highest impact possible.

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