Our partner climate restoration projects

We research and fund the world's highest potential climate restoration projects to lower the CO2 in our atmosphere.

Projects we are currently supporting

Growing kelp to capture and store CO2

Running Tide removes carbon by growing kelp in the open ocean. After maximum growth, the free-floating lines of kelp sink to the deep ocean where the embodied carbon is stored for the long term.

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Direct CO2 capture using geothermal energy

Climeworks uses renewable geothermal energy and waste heat to capture CO₂ directly from the air, concentrate it, and permanently sequester it underground in basaltic rock formations with Carbfix.

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Enhanced coastal weathering with olivine

Project Vesta captures CO₂ by using an abundant, naturally occurring mineral called olivine. As the olivine breaks down, it captures atmospheric CO₂ from within the ocean and stabilises it as limestone on the sea floor.

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“Lower Carbon do a great job supporting a diverse variety of high quality climate projects around the world.”

Melanie Skirs
Climate scientist

Frequently asked questions.

Our atmosphere is suffering from record high concentrations of CO2 which is trapping heat and warming our planet.

We need to urgently lower our carbon emissions and reduce existing excess CO2.

We research and fund the world’s highest potential climate restoration projects which reduce excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

Your subscription will fund a number of different solutions including reforestation, direct air capture and enhanced weathering.

85% of your subscription goes directly to funding essential climate restoration projects. The remaining 15% covers our operational expenses and transaction fees.

You’ll receive a monthly email showing how your subscription is reducing CO2 with a link to the method, evidence and certificates.

We're focused on finding the highest quality, most transparent projects, so we can make sure each member has the highest impact possible.

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