Helping every business go carbon neutral

Our mission is to help fix the climate by making it as easy as possible for every business to measure, track and reduce their carbon emissions.

Our Manifsesto

Why we exist

For decades we have released endless amounts of toxic gasses into our atmosphere in an act described as the riskiest science experiment ever created. The results? Fires, floods, droughts, storms and natural destruction beyond what we could have ever imagined. A forever worsening climate crisis.

Finally, the world is waking up to this crisis with pledges being announced every day to radically transform their countries, industries and businesses towards an emissions free future.

In 2020 alone over 1,000 businesses representing 50% of the worlds emissions have pledged to become carbon neutral.

Pledges from giants are trickling to the masses. As the worlds largest companies aim to clean up their act, collaborators are being pulled to join the pledge. A top down market pressure to become carbon neutral.

But becoming carbon neutral is complicated. Measurement, tracking, suppliers, reductions, permits, offsets, credits - it can often feel impossible to get started.

Lowercarbon is on a mission to build the products and tools needed to help every business become carbon neutral. Forget elaborate data collection and expensive consultants, we’re creating the self-serve products to help every business measure their carbon emissions, reduce their impact and share their carbon neutrality with confidence.

Go Carbon Neutral

Measure and reduce your carbon emissions.