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Your subscription will fund a portfolio of carbon removal projects to remove your business's emissions and help restore the climate.

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We'll provide you with an online profile to showcase your climate action and badges to add to your products/marketing.

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Edgetech is helping LowerCarbon

We're funding carbon removal projects to lower our carbon footprint and help restore the climate.

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CO2 removed

24 tonnes CO2e

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January, 2022

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“Our customers love that we care about our emissions and are taking action to lower our carbon footprint.”

James Harding
Business subscriber


80% of your subscription will go directly to the carbon removal projects removing your emissions from the atmosphere.

The remaining 20% will be used to cover our operational and marketing expenses to grow our total collective impact.

Our atmosphere is suffering from record high concentrations of CO2 which is quickly warming and destroying the climate.

Your subscription will fund essential carbon removal projects to remove our CO2 from the atmosphere and reverse our damage to the climate.

We fund a diverse portfolio of carbon removal methods to maximise the impact of your subscription. You can view the amazing projects we have recently supported here

Your online profile will automatically showcase your donations and carbon removal.

We’ll also send you a quarterly email explaining how your subscription was allocated, and the impact and progress of those projects so far.

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Remove your business's carbon emissions and help restore the climate

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