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Lowercarbon is an emissions management platform to help businesses measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions and share their carbon neutrality with confidence.

Customers, employees and investors are increasingly requesting carbon emissions data and a commitment to improve the sustainability of their business.

Going carbon neutral is good for your business and for the planet.

We measure company carbon emissions following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-Protocol) calculation standard. You can learn more about the the GHG-Protocol here - https://ghgprotocol.org

We have created our own model to estimate a company’s emissions from our existing customers information and emissions data. Estimations will never be perfect, but we any impact a small business can have is a good place to get started.

A public sustainability profile is an easy way for your company to share their climate commitment with customers, employees and other stakeholders. We believe the more transparency behind climate efforts the better.

Not yet but we are working on additional customisations for your profile. Please contact us with any ideas or requests here.

We are creating a library of proven effective strategies to help business reduce their carbon emissions. Strategies include changing energy suppliers, downsizing office space, car pool schemes, cycle schemes and zero waste business practices.

Carbon offsetting works by funding carbon reduction projects around the world to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) entering the atmosphere. By funding climate projects which remove GHGs from the atmosphere you are reducing your net carbon footprint.

Once a carbon reduction project can prove they are reducing GHGs, they are awarded "carbon credits", which they can sell and the proceeds go to the growth of the project. The more they grow, the more GHGs are kept from entering the atmosphere.

Lowercarbon only purchases quality carbon credits from the worlds leading carbon reduction projects that have been that have been certified by the Gold Standard or Verra.

Projects certified by Gold Standard or Verra have passed a rigorous assessment process, that is conducted by independent, third-party auditors who ensures that high standards have been met, applied and that projects will deliver a genuine emission reduction.

You will find a short description to why we have selected a carbon reduction project at the bottom of each project description.

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