One-Click Carbon Neutral

We're on a mission to help every business go carbon neutral.

We've met so many businesses that want to start reducing their carbon emissions but felt confused and helpless when exploring the process.

So we created One Click Neutral as the easiest way for your business to start making an impact.

How it works

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    Estimate your emissions

    Using our emissions data graph we can accurately estimate your business's carbon emissions from just three simple inputs.

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    Offset your emissions with carbon credits

    Offset your emissions with a subscription to purchase carbon credits from the worlds leading carbon reduction projects - Learn more

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    Measure, reduce and share your impact

    Every oneclick subscription includes our emissions tracking software so you can start measuring emissions and your public sustainability profile to share with customers and employees.

Your business details

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Projects you'll be supporting

Your subscription will be supporting some of the worlds leading carbon reduction projects.
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Community tree planting

Helping small communities replant trees so they can counter the effects of deforestation and carbon emissions.

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Grasslands and wildlife preservation

Protection of 410,000 hectares of native grasslands for wildlife and indigenous people.

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Ancient forest protection

These important old growth forests will reduce an estimated 1.5 million tonnes of carbon in 30 years.

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Included in your subscription

Your subscription will be supporting some of the worlds leading carbon reduction projects.
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Carbon Credits

80% of your subscription goes directly to verified carbon reduction projects removing GHGs from the atmosphere.

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Emissions Tracking

Free subscription to our emissions tracking software to start accurately measuring your company's carbon emissions.

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Public Sustainability Profile

A custom public sustainability profile to share your climate commitment with customers, employees and stakeholders.

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We answer your questions

Customers, employees and investors are increasingly requesting carbon emissions data and a commitment to improve the sustainability of their business.

Going carbon neutral is good for your business and for the planet.

We measure company carbon emissions following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-Protocol) calculation standard. You can learn more about the the GHG-Protocol here -

We are creating a library of proven effective strategies to help business reduce their carbon emissions. Strategies include changing energy suppliers, downsizing office space, car pool schemes, cycle schemes and zero waste business practices.

Lowercarbon only purchases quality carbon credits from the worlds leading carbon reduction projects that have been that have been certified by the Gold Standard or Verra.

Projects certified by Gold Standard or Verra have passed a rigorous assessment process, that is conducted by independent, third-party auditors who ensures that high standards have been met, applied and that projects will deliver a genuine emission reduction.

You will find a short description to why we have selected a carbon reduction project at the bottom of each project description.

Still have unanswered questions? Read our full FAQ